5 Getting Ready Tips For Your Wedding Day!

By Marley Poniedzielnik


There is a lot of hustle and bustle on wedding day. But one of the most important parts of the day (besides the whole getting married part!) is the morning itself! Wedding morning sets the tone for the whole day – good or bad. That’s why we asked our lead planners and a few industry experts to share some advice on how to make the most of the morning before your wedding!


Take a look below for a list of do’s and don’ts!


(Photography: Kgoodphoto with Amanda & Alexa for Artistry by Alexa)


#1: Take Good Care of Yourself!

Drink water. Eat breakfast. The consensus across the board was to make sure that you are well taken care of! Mimosas are delicious, but having a sugar crash half way through the day is not ideal and neither is a grumbling tummy so even if you feel nervous, food is a always a good idea. Parents and friends have been asking to help and this is the perfect job for them, request a delicious breakfast and have them plan for lots of hearty snacking options throughout the day!


(Photography: Maiko Media)


Alexa Rae, of Artistry by Alexa, recommends showering the night before. “You’ll feel less rushed, there’s less competition if you are sharing a suite with others, and your hair better the next day for styling!” – we agree, sounds like a win win!


(Photography: Eternal Reflections with Erin of Beauty & Style by Erin Bradley)


One of our lead planners Sara had been with her fiancé, Dustin, for 8 years before they got married and she was still hit with a case of the nerves on wedding morning! She recommends taking a moment to recognize the nerves you might be feeling and then distract yourself! For her it was dancing and singing with her bridesmaids. But other calmer activities like reading a book, taking a walk, or doing a puzzle, are all great ideas if that’s your thing.


(Photography: The Collective You with Nadia Bullock Hair)


Slip on your coziest outfit, enjoy that coffee/tea/kombucha/water, and take a deep breath. Your happiness is everyone’s number one priority and it should be your priority as well. Do whatever you need to do to get into that zen zone!


#2: Take Care of the Little Details!


Lead Planner Dakota shared some very practical advice on taking care of the Bride and Groom’s outfits: a clothing steamer is your best friend. No one loves wrinkles! If you don’t have a steamer run the shower hot and hang the wrinkled items on the back of the closed door in the bathroom. For a wrinkled dress shirt, toss in the dryer with a wet cotton towel and dry. It will release the wrinkles in the shirt!


(Photography: Maiko Media ||  Sweet Heirloom || Christie Graham Photography)


Sarah (who also doubles as florist when she isn’t a lead planner!) says if you are getting your bouquets delivered in the morning, make sure they have some water so they don’t get too thirsty later in the day. We want those flowers to be looking their best all day long!


(Photography: Maiko Media || Sweet Heirloom || Kyle Joinson || Rivkah Photography)


If you are having your photographer come to your bridal suite to get those getting ready shots, make sure you have all your special things handy so that they can be captured as well. Your wedding shoes, special jewelry, or a maybe even a love note are all great to have close by.


(Photography: Christie Graham || Maiko Media || Coastline Living || Sweet Heirloom)


#3: Pick A Location That Will Make You Feel Comfortable 


No one likes to be crammed in a dark room with 10 other people with hot hairstyling tools. Cue the sweat and tension! Wherever you choose to ready make sure there is enough room for everyone to be able to relax comfortably together.

Many couples pick an Airbnb or hotel to spent the night before the wedding at and then get ready there in the morning. If you choose to get ready at home make sure that your home is camera ready. Think about assigning one of your friends or family members the task of keeping things tidy – there are no dirty dishes in the sink, socks are picked up, and the bed is made! You’ll have these photos forever and you’ll appreciate the made bed, trust us!


(Photography: Kyle Joinson)


#4: Surround Yourself With Love

Your day is all about love. Whoever you love the most and brings you the most joy should be the ones that you chose to start your day with. Most people choose their closest family and friends to get ready with. Sometimes there isn’t a traditional bridal party but our brides and grooms still invite their closest friends over so that they can all enjoy the morning together!


(Photography: Rivkah Photography)


And sometimes one of the most important members of the getting ready group is fluffier than the rest, but they still bring so much love!


(Photography: The Collective You || Coastline Living || Christie Graham)


One of our all time favourite getting ready mornings was Ashley and James’s August 2017 wedding celebration. These two decided to do things a little differently and get ready together! With a small group of their closest friends, they took over the penthouse at Bear Mountain and while Ashley and the girls were doing hair and makeup, James and the guys had straight shaves from the team from Status Barbershop.

Halfway through their relaxed morning, their legal officiant popped by to help them tie the knot, meaning their best friend, Niall, could led the ceremony later in the day. The whole day was perfectly elegant, effortless, and chill – just like these two!


(Photography: Justine Boulin)


#5: Leave Some Room For Fun!


A jump in the lake, a yoga session, or even a boat ride are great ways to start the day. It helps take your mind off the to-do list and really helps you be in the moment and enjoying this time with the people surrounding you.


(Photography: Kyle Joinson)


Many grooms hit the course for a round – an easy way to kill a few hours and ease the nerves! Alexa Rae, of Artistry by Alexa, has the most important tip regarding golf: WEAR SUNSCREEN! There’s nothing worse than a fresh sunburn that will be captured forever.


(Photography: Maiko Media)


We’ve seen dance parties, early morning surf sessions, colouring with the flower girls, and more! Doesn’t matter what you do – just have fun!

(Photography: The Collective You)


Whatever you choose to do the morning before your wedding, remember that it’s your day and you can spend it however you want. Surrounded by people, having a quiet moment alone, or diving headfirst into a lake – it truly is your moment before the big moment!


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