5 Tips and Tricks for Pets at Weddings!

By Marley Poniedzielnik


One of the first questions we ask during your initial consult is “Will there be any pets at the wedding?”. It’s one of our favourites to ask because we LOVE pets! Whether it’s a dog in a tuxedo or a cat sitting for a formal portrait we want to incorporate your furry friend in any way possible!

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We thought of a few tips and tricks on how to make the day not as “ruff” (Sorry! We had to!) on your pet, check it out below!

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#1 Give your dog a job!

We know how much doggos love a job! They like to be a part of the action, and one of the best ways to keep them busy and hopefully out of trouble is to give them a job! Ringer bearer is always a top choice, but we’ve also seen dogs have the responsibility of party greeter, front row witness, and escort down the aisle!

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Dog sitting at wedding

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#2 Keep treats handy!

This is a no brainer – if you want your dog to run swiftly down the aisle and give you those rings, bring some of their favourite treats!

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#3 Give them an out! 

Weddings can be very overstimulating for humans with all the action, let alone for your little pup! If you don’t want to worry about them having such a long day, designate a friend to come and take your dog home for some much needed rest. They can’t always party into the night like you can!

We’ve seen couples have the most success with having their dog walkers or overnight caregivers take the pups the morning of the wedding for a big adventure walk and then swing by with the dog for the ceremony and portraits before whisking them away again for their very own doggy sleepover party!

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#4 Know your pet’s personality 

Maybe you have a cat who can’t actually attend the wedding, or an anxious dog that can’t hang out around people for too long, don’t worry because they can still be a part of your day! A great option is to have portraits done with your pet ahead of time. Many couples will have portraits done with their pets and then let them stay at home so there’s no stress on the human or animal!

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bottom left + centre: Koiya Marie Photography / bottom right: Shari + Mike)

#5 Honour your pet in a special way

If you can’t have your furry friend there on the day, there are so many ways to incorporate your love for them in fun ways.

  • We love a specialty cocktail, especially when it’s named after your pet!
  • Let your guests pack up a “doggy bag” for all of the treats they can take home at the end of the night.
  • Maybe you get cookies made that look like your dog or cat or put a cake topper on the wedding cake that’s a replica of your pet.

One wedding we incorporated the couples dog, Evie, into all their wedding stationery and signage!

For another couple, we surprised them by stalking their golden retriever’s Instagram and tracking down 50+ different photos of their favourite fur baby, we turned these into polaroids and then used them as place cards.

There are SO many options and your pet won’t feel left out.

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*This article has been edited and approved by our Branch Manager, Goose, and Assistant Branch Manager, Duck. ? ?

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