A Touch of 2023: Fiona and Mitch’s Magical Moment

By Sarah Gray

On a cold and snowy evening, while celebrating their 10 year anniversary, Mitch knelt on one knee and asked Fiona a very important question. She said “Yes!” and the wedding planning began! We absolutely loved working with this amazing couple. We will always remember this celebration as one that was overflowing with joy and happiness.

Meet: Fiona and Mitch or *Fitch*. This incredibly kind, enthusiastic and fun loving duo were so fun to work with! Paired with Lead Planner Sarah (Hi… that’s me!), these three hit it off right away and enjoyed many zoom planning sessions together. When they weren’t distracting each other by chatting about the most recent episode of Below Deck they made sure to talk about the wedding. Speaking of hobbies, when Fiona and Mitch aren’t too busy reading textbooks or writing exams they love reading and watching films based in the fantasy genre. Think: Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Naturally, these epic stories had to be tied into the design. Read on to see how we did it!

(Photo Credit: Jesse Holland Photography)

Here Comes The Bride!

Now, don’t get us wrong we love when couples do a first look before the ceremony. We find it helps reduce nerves ahead of the ceremony in front of friends and family. As well, our photographers love the opportunity to capture portraits at this earlier time slot. However, there is  just something so special about that moment when the bride steps into view (at the ceremony) and their partner sees them for the first time on wedding day. Someone grab the tissues!

Although it was a bit windier that we would have liked it was still the perfect ceremony. With a grand archway to frame the couple and the ocean beyond – we couldn’t have asked for a better backdrop. To pay tribute to Bilbo Baggin’s birthday party white pennant flags were added to the perimeter of the ceremony. It was a simple touch that also helped define the ceremony space.

(Photo Credit: Jesse Holland Photography)

The Best Of Friends

When it came to building their wedding party Fiona and Mitch started close to home with Fiona’s twin sister and Mitch’s brother each standing on their respective sides. The remainder of the party was filled out by close childhood friends. You can see for yourself they chose a good looking crew and you’ll just have to trust us that they were twice as nice!

A big shout out to the Maid of Honour and Best Man who each gave an amazing speech at the reception. 100 points for Gryffindor!

(Photo Credit: Jesse Holland Photography)

The Main Characters

“One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.”

We’re talking about the wedding ring… of course!

Fiona and Mitch – you radiate joy even in small interactions and your energy feeds those around you. From watching you exchange vows and rings to boogying on the dance floor our team loved working alongside you to make sure your wedding ran smoothly and felt as magical as possible! We love your love and are so glad that you chose to spend your wedding weekend in Victoria!

(Photo Credit: Jesse Holland Photography)

The Great Hall

As mentioned earlier, within the design for the wedding we wanted to include a nod to a few of Fiona and Mitch’s favorite stories. For a Harry Potter great hall moment we created what Mitch dubbed “a drama moment” lounge by adding floating candles above the settee. Next, to honour Fiona and Mitch’s love of books their personalized seating chart had guests names and table numbers on the spine of each book and they rested on shelves below one of their favorite quotes from Lord Of The Rings:

“No Addmittance Except On Party Business.”

LOTR themed font was also used for signage and stationary for the wedding day. When helping our clients design their dream wedding, whatever it may be, we love to make it happen!

(Professional Photo Credit: Jesse Holland Photography)


Fitch – it was an absolute honour to work with you on your wedding. We wish you an epic and wonderful journey and hope that many wonderful stories unfold from your life together.


Lead Planner: Sarah Gray

Venue & Catering: Fairmont Empress

Photography: Jesse Holland Photography

Wedding Cake: Fairmont Empress

Live Music & DJ: Jill Cooper

Florals: Browns Florist

Beauty: Blo Bar Victoria

Decor Vendors: Trend Decor,

Designer Weddings Victoria, Pedersons,

Party Mood, Decorate Victoria