Balloon Love!

By Marley Poniedzielnik


Balloons and The Good Party often go hand in hand. We love balloons. Like, seriously LOVE balloons. We’ve decorated bars, buildings, ceremony arches, and more! Balloons are such a great way to add a pop (pun very much intended!) of colour and fun.


(Photography: Top left/center – Rivkah Photography || Top right – Jesse Holland || Bottom left – Tegan McMartin || Bottom center/right – Jesse Holland) 


When our industry came to a sudden halt a few months ago, we were left with a lot of time on our hands and a serious need for some cheering up. We tried to think of ways that we could bring smiles to our community as well as ourselves. Thus the balloon train was formed.


Each member of our team took home a pack of balloons and created a mini garland for their homes. We made signs that thanked our healthcare heroes and frontline workers and since we all live over Victoria and the Westshore, we got pretty much every area covered!



Once all the ladies on our team made their garlands – we didn’t want to stop. And turns out a few of our community members wanted to get in on the balloon fun! They spruced up their front stoops, welcomed babies home, and had some pretty special parties at home for High School graduations and birthdays.


The balloons we use are compostable and we always ensure to inform people that when they clip down the balloons, they can be put into the compost.  In fact one of the main jobs our summer intern has is clipping out the string and composting our balloon scraps! You can learn about balloon sustainability here.

We were so thankful to keep busy during the last few months of uncertainty and to bring joy to our community. More balloons, more joy, and more fun!


rainbow balloon garland

(Victoria Pride 2020 Balloon Photos provided by Steve Drake Photography)