Friendor Love: Axe & Grind

By Marley Poniedzielnik


Think you have what it takes to be a lumberjack? 

At Axe & Grind, you can embrace your inner lumberjack, show off your skills in front of your friends, and have a blast in the process. Today we are throwing the Axe & Grind team a little surprise Friendor Love feature! Read on for all the plaid-filled fun! 

Axe & Grind is a Victoria-based axe throwing experience where skilled instructors give you some pointers and then let you free to try your hand at this challenging skill yourself – by throwing the axe as hard as you can – at a target of course! They bring the outdoor sport of axe throwing indoors and we are here for it! 


(Photos Courtesy of Axe + Grind)

With locations in Victoria and Nanaimo, PLUS a mobile axe throwing station (which is perfect for events!), they are ready for a fun date night, corporate gatherings, bachelor & bachelorette parties, and even weddings!!!


(Photos Courtesy of Axe + Grind)


Here at The Good Party, we visited Victoria’s Axe & Grind location as the main event for our 2019 staff party. The theme was “Party Skirts and Plaid” (hence the terrible outfits!) and we had an absolute blast! What better way to get warmed up for the wedding season than tossing around an axe! We decided nothing is tougher than a gal in a party skirt, throwing an axe!


The Axe & Grind The staff were super helpful as we had lots of beginners who had never even held an axe before. It’s not as easy as it looks, but it was definitely fun to try, whether or not you got a bullseye. 



Axe & Grind also have a mobile throwing station so the axe throwing can come to you! This is such a unique and fun thing for event guests to participate in and we are huge fans of this new addition to their line up! Not a lot of people expect an axe throwing station to be at a wedding, but it really gets people up, moving, and mingling. It’s a great conversation starter and something that’s super fun for guests to enjoy while sipping signature drinks during cocktail hour. The on-site event team travel with the mobile unit and they are all very personable and are ready to get guests into the fun!


Last fall we were involved with a Game of Thrones themed Harvest dinner at Bilston Creek Farm for the staff of Il Terrazzo, and as part of the fun, the portable axe throwing unit was on site for a couple of hours. It was so interactive and brought so much fun and laughter to the event! It really made a lasting impression on all of the guests.


(Photos courtesy of Nikki Sequeira / Bilston Creek Farm)

We love the enthusiasm of Axe & Grind’s entire team, their knowledge of the sport, their care for all of their guests, and most importantly, the fun factor! If you are looking for a fun activity, this one gets a bullseye! We love you, Axe & Grind, and can’t wait to have you on-site this season for lots more fun! ?