Have a Seat! Seating Chart Inspiration

By Marley Poniedzielnik


There are so many different ways to show your guests to their seats! We love something that is straightforward (no one has gotten lost yet!) but oh, so eye-catching! Each of our couples has their own unique sense of style and the seating chart is the perfect way to play into the overall wedding vision! Below we’ve rounded up a handful of our favourite charts over the years; from wine bottles and maps to pups and horseshoes! Grab a seat (?) and keep reading to see all the fun ideas!

(Photography: Left – Fetching Image Photography || Right – Tegan McMartin ) 


Simple, yet elegant! We love an elegant West Coast wedding and you can absolutely tie that into your seating chart. 


Danae + Jackson had a large wood installation that matched their long table dinner in the forest perfectly. This seating chart, and all Danae + Jackson’s wedding signage, was made with love with the wood boards cut, sanded, and stained by Danae’s younger brother and the hand lettering done by one of Danae’s best friends, Lauren!

(Photography: Maiko Media) 


For Dana + Dillan’s Sea Cider wedding, we worked alongside the Trend Decor team on the wedding design and Danielle beautifully topped their wooden seating chart sign off with some delicate ribbon, and of course, lots of greenery!

(Photography: Kim Jay)


Kona + Mustafa really wanted elements of nature featured in their Villa Eyrie wedding so what better way than some west coast elements like driftwood and beach rocks! Hand lettered by Melanie Anne Designs, all of the driftwood pieces were the table names and based on different countries and places that Kona + Mustafa had traveled to! Each guest had a rock with their name on it and it was the perfect keepsake!

(Photography: Eternal Reflections)


Get colourful! A seating chart is a great way to add a pop of colour to your decor. 


Alana + Creighton had a winter wonderland wedding celebration, and of course we used a mini tree to hang hand painted ornaments that doubled as a seating chart! Guests were able to find their seats, and take home a personalized gift at the end of the night!

(Photography: Kim Jay)


Jessica + Keenan had a colourful boho x west coast backyard bash, and their custom ombre seating chart we created was no different!

(Photography: Ameris) 


How about something as unique as you are?


Maired + Anthony LOVED Pokemon so we decided to incorporate their love into a seating chart by adding tiny figurines onto each person’s name card. It was a huge hit and the guests were so surprised! 

(Photography: Centric Photography)


Ashley + Matthew’s guests found their seats by finding their horseshoe! Lead planner, Camille, built a large wall filled with horseshoes as a special nod to Ashley’s love of horses. It was the perfect way to incorporate horses into the day.

(Photography: Fragment of Light)


At Michael + Bergen’s Bilston Creek wedding, they wanted to honour all of the US national parks that they loved. Each table was assigned a national park, and guests could look for their park’s vintage post card. These postcards were blown up versions of the original that we sourced especially for Michael + Bergen – your local print shop is your best resource for projects like this!

(Photography: Darren Roberts)


Of course, there are always florals!


Brianne + Mark had a stunning installation by Tina at Platinum Floral Designs for their Bilston Creek wedding. It was elegant, and made the perfect statement.

(Photography: Meghan Hemstra)


Amira + Martin’s whole wedding was inspired by florals! Florals even covered the cake! We used custom dried florals from their florist, Cartref Gardens, on name cards to show each guest to their seat.

(Photography: Fragment of Light )


At Amy + David’s Fort Common reception, bud vases lined the wall! Each guest’s name was tagged onto the bud vase, and a stem cut straight from David’s family’s garden created a beautiful wall of colour. It was rustic, elegant, and oh so perfect!

(Photography: Meghan Hemstra)


Find your face, find your seat! Photos are an interactive way for your guests to find their seats!  


Jana + Ryan secretly gathered photos of their guests who would be attending and sent them over to us! We then printed them off – vintage Polaroid style – and had a colour blocked custom acrylic sign created by Melanie Anne Designs. Topped off with some greenery, it was the perfect surprise when guests walked into the reception and saw their own faces staring back at them!

(Photography: Swept Away Photo Co.) 


For Mark + Tyler’s reception celebration, we had a Photo Booth station with a polaroid camera on arrival! Guests could snap their photo and attach it to their name on the seating chart. It was so fun to see the seating chart grow as the night went on!

(Photography: Tonya Maree)


Who says the photos have to be of humans? Jessica +Justin’s seating chart was all photos of their dog, Chewie, secretly taken from his very own instagram account. Chewie couldn’t actually stay for their reception at Hatley Castle so this was a way of having him there in spirit. Plus, he’s so dang cute!

(Photography: Kim Jay)


Keep it simple!


Lauren + Alex’s elegant, modern, boho wedding on Pender Island called for a black metal grid that tied into their decor, with simple name tags hung by copper rings. It was understated, yet beautiful. Just like these two!

(Photography: The Collective You)


Magda + Ken had a classic wedding with white, navy, and acrylic touches throughout. Everything was clean, romantic, and made a large impact. We used stacked acrylic boxes and candlelight for the seating chart, and then as something different – had hand lettered chairs! Laura Lavender did the calligraphy on everyone’s chairs so there was no mystery at all who was who!

(Photography: Rivkah Photography) 


There are countless ways to show guests to their seat, and no matter how colourful or rustic or quirky you make it, guests will always be happy to be there, because that’s when the party really begins!!