Love Isn’t Cancelled: Catie + Hunter

By Catie Fraser


We are so excited to feature Catie & Hunter today on our Love Isn’t Cancelled series. Catie & Hunter’s wedding changed locations and guest group size, but these changes didn’t impact the amount of care and love that went into their beautiful celebration!

Catie & Hunter were supposed to get married at the Victoria Golf Club surrounded by 120 guests, dancing the night away! When things started to change and they realized that even by the end of August they wouldn’t be able to have the big party they had hoped for, they sat down together, poured some big glasses of wine, and made the decision that they wanted to get their married life started right away – regardless of how that was going to look.


Catie & Hunter were married on August 29th, 2020 in their backyard in Oak Bay. They had originally planned to have 120 guests but ended up with a super fun group of 30 friends and family. Keep reading to for Catie’s thoughts on their wedding celebration and to see a few of their beautiful sneak peek photos from the team at Faganello Productions.

When and how did you make the decision to change your wedding plans? Were there any specific deciding factors?

I was listening to Dr. Henry’s update in the backyard when she said “no big wedding’s will happen this year” I was crushed, I cried a lot. I knew that we had to make some big changes. The idea of postponing was never an option for us though, we knew we wanted to be married on August 29th. We just wanted to celebrate our love and start our life as a married couple, that was important to us. Not, as a friend of mine said to me, “all the fluff that comes with a wedding.” Even if it was just the two of us and a Marriage Commissioner, we would make it happen.

How was your wedding day different than what you had imagined?

The location changed, the guest count changed, the crazy dance party changed… the whole vibe changed and we couldn’t be happier. Although, I will be honest in saying that telling our Grandmothers they couldn’t attend because we wanted to protect them and ultimately telling several others they could no longer attend was incredibly heart-breaking.

How was your wedding day the same as what you had originally imagined?

We had some of our original dream team of vendors and some new! Our original venue, the Victoria Golf Club, catered for us and the food was amazing! The flowers were so beautiful and even better than I could have imagined. Our lovely planner, Carley supported us every step of the way and we are truly thankful. There were incredible speeches, a ton of laughs and our cheeks are still hurting from all the smiling. So much L-O-V-E!

Was there anything that turned out better than your original plan?

The entire day ended up being far more “us” than our original wedding plans would have been. It was the wedding of our dreams… we just didn’t know it at first! We ended up being married in the backyard of the house we are living in. The house we live in is where my Father-in-law grew up and where Hunter grew up spending time with his grandparents. The backyard has so much meaning to the Fraser family, and now it means everything to me. It was so special to say our vows there. The entire evening was so intimate and beautiful, it took everything inside of me not to have my fake eyelashes fall off from all the happy tears.

Are you still planning for any part of your original plan for a later date in the future? One year anniversary? Vow renewal? Reception celebration?

Honestly, at this moment, no…

We are beyond happy with how things turned out and we feel like we had our dream day, so why try and top it?

What would you want to say to other couples who are considering a smaller wedding?

Focus on what is important to you as a couple, focus on what is ultimately going to make you happy. Be proud of the fact that you are making the best out of an uncontrollable and frankly shitty situation. Also, know that you are not alone in this, you got this! Oh, and wine helps!

What was your most memorable moment of the wedding day?

Our most memorable moment of the wedding day was when we sat down for dinner. At some point, Hunter and I both looked out under our fabulous tent, with our little fire pits burning, and all of our guests laughing and enjoying themselves – everything just looked so beautiful and everyone looked so happy and we just felt like two of the luckiest people in the world.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

None of this would have been possible without the help of Carley and the Good Party. They kept us calm, organized and excited!

Thank you so much Catie (and Hunter!) for taking the time to answer our questions and trust us with your wedding day! We agree, your intimate backyard wedding felt so totally you two that we really can’t imagine it happening any other way! xo


Lead Planner: Carley

Photography: Faganello Productions

Catering: Victoria Golf Club

Tent: Shady Spaces

Decor Rentals: Trend Decor Event Design /  Darling Vintage / Pedersens Event Rentals / Decorate Victoria

Beauty: Artistry by Alexa

Dessert: Schur to Please

Custom Signage: Melanie Anne Designs

Florals: Two Little Birds Flower Farm

Music: Jill Cooper