Our New Studio!

By Sarah Gray

When we’re not on site making sure your dream event goes off without a hitch you can always find some of our team at our studio! Whether we are working on onboarding new clients, having team meetings, or stretching it out at our weekly yoga classes, we love spending time here. While we have shared a few sneak peeks over on our Instagram in recent months we figured one of our favourite places deserved a spot on the blog too! Read on to find out more about the space and see it for yourself!

When we were hunting for a new studio space, we were looking for a blank slate and something that we could really make our own. When Emma first saw our new space, she quickly started mocking up ideas for how the space could work for our team and clients. We officially got the keys to the new space in December of 2022, but we were so busy with Christmas and holiday projects that we only used the studio for storage for the first couple of months.

As Wedding and Event Planners it goes without saying that we love to take a blank space and make it both functional and beautiful. Well, when it came to turning our new office into a space that we would all want to spend time working in, it was a no brainer that we would do the same! Working with Emma who had tons of ideas, Lead Planner and Studio Coordinator, Madi helped make this colourful project come to life.


Photos photos everywhere! When walking up the stairs leading to our space it always takes longer than planned since both walls are covered in photos from some of our favorite past weddings and events. We love to update these pictures so if you work with us there is a good chance you could be on the wall in the future!


COLOR. It’s what we are often known for and what we always love to include whether it’s in our wedding design plans, balloon builds and of course right here at home in our studio space. When you walk in the front door you will be met with a wall of balloons and our balloon building space! Fun fact: “Pop!” by The Good Party was lovingly named by one of our former interns.



Turn to the right and you will see our amazing crafting area and tool wall. Any tool a Good Party Planner might need lives here as well as a sampling of our party skirts, balloon build coveralls, and lots of other crafting supplies!



Now that you’ve seen our very own crafting zone you’re probably ready for snacks and refreshments! The super fun kitchen has many personal touches from trips Emma has taken and of course, everything is colorful! The fridge is always stocked with sparkling water and other favourite drinks for client meetings or when we’re working away on your dream day!


You can sit with us!


There are lots of great spots around the studio to sit and work or socialize. Whether you want to enjoy your lunch break with your coworkers or log some hours sorting out that particularly tricky seating chart for a client, there is a place for everything and everyone! Some of our planners like to host their client meetings at our cozy round table off the kitchen area while others prefer to call their clients from the couch.


Wherever you choose to sit, there is a high probability that either a cat or dog will curl up at your feet, on your lap or on your keyboard! Our accounts payable team (the cats) and our branch manager (Duck the dog) are always eager to participate in team and client meetings!


The Wall of Organization


Maybe the coolest design feature in the studio is the epic decal wall that ws designed to look like a page straight out of one of our paper planners! Complete with Lead Planner mailboxes (we love to receive cards and life updates from our clients), a calendar for our upcoming events, team members birthdays, goals for the year, a personalized exit sign and much more. Our gal Kody, whose work you’ve likely seen in other Good Party projects, designed and helped install this masterpiece. Thanks Kody, we love it!



It’s Our Time to Party!


In celebration of the 2023 wedding season being (mostly) finished, The Good Party team hosted an Industry Open House in the new space in early October. Although we had already been enjoying the finished space for a few weeks, it was so fun to host our friendors in the space!


We loved seeing so many Vancouver Island Wedding and Event vendors together after a busy season. We were thrilled to have our long time friends Sandy and Cristian from Beaumont Catering on site as our caterers for the night. Their team had created the most epic grazing table for our enjoyment and we’re sorry in advance for making you drool with these photos.



Thank you again to everyone who came to help us celebrate, especially these vendors who helped make this industry night x The Good Party studio open house such a success:


Dragonflight Photography

Beaumont Catering

Twist of Fate Cocktail Co.

Churros and Mor

Happy Hopper Party Rentals

Black and white Party Rentals

Decorate Victoria

Island Table Co.