Suiting Up: A Groom’s Style Guide

By Dakota Bateman & Marley Poniedzielnik


There is always so much hype around THE DRESS. There are multiple TV shows dedicated to finding the perfect dress, everyone always talks about the “A HA” moment. But what about about the guys? They have to get dressed on wedding day too! There are quite a few options for grooms on wedding day and many grooms don’t even know where to start.

Our lead planner, Dakota, worked at Moore’s Clothing for Men for almost 8 years so she knows a thing or two about styling suits. We asked her for some advice and boy, did she deliver! Take a peek below for her tips and some awesomely stylish Grooms!


(Photography: Left – Jon Mark Photography, Right Top – Sweet Heirloom, Right Bottom – Jon Mark Photography)


How do you know what suit is right for you? 

Everything comes down to fit. There are quite a few variations when it comes to the fit of pants and jackets, so make sure that you get something that properly fits you and makes you look your best.

(Photography: Sweet Heirloom)


Depending on your venue and personal comfort level, there are a lot of factors to take into account before selecting a suit. Consider things like will you be outside in the sun for most of the day? Maybe opt for a lighter weight fabric so it can breathe better. Is it an indoor venue with air-conditioning? Maybe that three piece suit will be the better choice then! Having a beach wedding? Getting sand all over your black tie tuxedo doesn’t sound like a great time.


(Photography: Tonya Maree)

Dakota recommends a lower lapel suit jacket because nowadays people are eager to show off their bright colour shirts, regular ties or bow ties along with pocket squares and all that jazz. With a lower cut jacket you have the luxury to show off all that color underneath without even having to un-button your jacket!

(Photography: Meghan Hemstra)

Feeling bold? Try a bright colour suit. Maybe colour isn’t your thing – the classic suit colours are grey, navy, charcoal or black and look good with almost any other colour combination.

(Photography: Kim Jay)


All for them! Add some personality into your look! Bow ties – YES! Funky socks – YES! Cufflinks are fun and you can find almost anything on them. Cufflinks make really great gifts for your groomsmen, or for your hubsand to be. The trick is to be BOLD! Even your boutonniere can add some flair and colour to your look.


(Photography: Top Left/Centre – Jesse Holland Photography, Top Right/Centre Left – Ameris Photography, Centre Right: BeSea Photography, Bottom – Swept Away)


Bring a trusted friend 

Nothing is harder than shopping for your most important day alone. Get a second opinion. Especially from a person who will give you honesty – sometimes the Sales Associates are TOO nice and not honest enough.

(Photography: Top Left/Centre – Julia Loglisci Photography, Top Right/Bottom – Rivkah Photography)


Getting the Guys Together 

If you’re having groomsmen, I would suggest picking a colour for them to take to a store and match with. With most suit suppliers, you have the same suit in twenty sizes so if you pick a certain color of grey, give them a swatch of fabric to take with them and they can find something best suited for their body type. If you want them in all matching, be specific on shoe colors, belt or suspenders, funky socks – etc.

(Photography: The Collective You)


Honour Your Culture

A great way to acknowledge you or your partner’s heritage is to dress the part. Kilts, Sherwanis, Hanboks – we’ve seen it all and it’s such a great way to honour the culture. Maybe you don’t want to spend all day in the traditional suit, so we’ve had a few grooms start the day in their cultural suits, then switch into something else for two distinct looks!

(Photography: Sabrina Patrice)


(Photography: Tulle and Tweed Photography) 


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Any other style tips for Grooms on wedding day? 

Say no to pleated pants. Always remember to unbutton your jacket when sitting down. For a wrinkled dress shirt, toss in the dryer with a wet, cotton towel and dry. It will release the wrinkles in the shirt. Deodorant is your friend. Sunscreen if you’re outdoors. And don’t forget to smile!

(Photography: Top Left/Centre – Darren Roberts, Right/Bottom – Kelly Brown)


We love it when a groom feels comfortable, stylish, and most of all excited on his wedding day. We want everyone to feel their best and are happy to help with whatever we can on the day to make you shine!


(Photography: Meghan Hemstra)