Thank you to our 2022 event assistants!

By Sarah Gray

This past summer we had 12 amazing women join The Good Party team as our 2022 Event Assistants and we want to give them a big shout out and say “THANK YOU!” These ladies help our Lead Planners on wedding weekends as well at other events throughout the year. On wedding days they do so many things we created a list – see below! These ladies work hard, bring so much fun and energy to our team and we simply refuse to imagine life and work without them! 


Meet the gals below and find out a bit more about their role on the team!

Below: Lara – Jess – Ruby – Madi

Below: Michelle – Brianna – Colby – Shaye

Below: Kelly – Olivia – Emma – Ashley

(All headshots taken by: Dragonflight Photography)

What do TGP assistants do on site anyways?

A very non-exhaustive list of some of the tasks our assistants do on wedding day:

  1. Unload decor (and snacks) from vehicles🚗
  2. Help set up the ceremony chairs (spacing is everything!)
  3. Deliver bouquets to the wedding party
  4. Help set up the reception area/venue with tables, chairs, linens and decor
  5. Fold napkins and set out guest favors 🍬
  6. Test out the dance floor (cha cha slide anyone?)
  7. Welcome guests on site🧑‍🤝‍🧑
  8. Help the lead planner coordinate timing for the ceremony (ie: first looks, ceremony walking order) 🤵👰
  9. Cry about the magic of love while watching the couple exchange vows 
  10. Entertain the clients fur babies mid ceremony if they get tired of watching their parents🐕 🐕 🐕
  11. Double check details 📋
  12. Guide guests to the reception 
  13. Enjoy a delicious dinner and chat with friendors (friendor = a vendor who is a friend)
  14. Start to clean up as guests hit the dance floor 💃🕺
  15. Say goodbye to everyone as they dance out the door
  16. Finish cleaning up and head home 😴


Keep scrollin’ to see some action shots from our Event Assistants on site:


“Thank you for always going the distance! Even when our feet start to hurt at the end of the night, you keep going!” – Marley

“I love creating memories with you all as we work hard to make peoples dreams come true!” – Carley

“As planners we have so many details to keep track of on wedding day but with the help of our incredible assistants we can get through each wedding with ease!” – Emma

“I like that I get to work with different Assistants throughout the summer! This way I get to know everyone on the team and we always have such a good time together!” – Casey

“All of you are fun to be around and super helpful – the best combo on long wedding days!” – Sarah


Did you know?

We are a team of women who make👏things👏happen👏and our assistants are no exception! Most of us Lead Planners started as day of assistants for The Good Party and worked our way into new roles over the years. We have all learned so much along the way and are always excited to share our event knowledge with our ever growing team! Speaking of, a few of our 2022 assistants have moved into planner roles for this coming season and we are excited to introduce them properly in the coming weeks – keep your eyes on the blog to find out more about them!

Thank you again to our 2022 team! It was our busiest summer ever and we are super grateful that you were all with us to help make it happen.