Vendor Love: Four Frames Photo Booth & The Bubble Bus Co.

By Marley Poniedzielnik


Four Frames Photo Booth just celebrated TEN (!!!) years in business here on Vancouver Island so we decided what better way to celebrate one of our favourite companies, and two of our favourite people, then with a blog post all about Four Frames Photo Booth and their newest adventure, The Bubble Bus Co. 


To be honest, it seems daunting to try to capture in words how much we love Derek and Lindsay – they’ve been a part of The Good Party/EMC since the start and over the past four years they’ve been involved with some of our most memorable weddings and favourite events! Four Frames Photo Booth always brings the fun, but really, it’s these two humans behind the camera that make this company what it is! 


Derek and Lindsay (and the rest of the Four Frames crew) are sparkly people. They can make you laugh until you cry. They can somehow convince you that dressing up like a pirate and acting out a whole scene in front of their camera is a good idea. They knew champagne on wheels was a good idea before everyone else. They are AWESOME! 


(Photography: Jesse Holland)


The Basics

Who are Derek and Lindsay? They are the owners of Four Frames Photo Booth located in Victoria, BC. Four Frames is a mobile photo booth available for weddings, corporate events, and everything in between! They have customizable backdrops, props, photo packages, and printing options. 


(Top Row Left: Tegan McMartin Photography / Top Row Centre, Right, Bottom Left, Centre: Jesse Holland Photography / Bottom Row Right: Rivkah Photography)


They call their team the “Fun Facilitators” because that is what they are. Their team members are outgoing, bubbly, and hilarious! Worried your guests won’t actually use the photobooth? Worried about what pose to strike? Have no fear, the Fun Facilitators are here! Having your photo taken can be scary sometimes, and some people may have a hard time getting silly and letting go, but Derek and Lindsay and their whole team are ready to help your guests out of their shell and into the booth. 


(Photography: Jesse Holland Photography)


Having a photo booth is a great keepsake for you and your guests to take away from the day. Who doesn’t want to see Grandma in a Darth Vader mask?! Aren’t you glad that was captured on film?!

Four Frames even offers a guest portrait station which results in a beautiful hard cover guest book for you to put on your coffee table to enjoy for years to come. They ask your guests tons of cute questions, and put it all together for you. It’s seriously cool and a great keepsake!


Derek and Lindsay aren’t only photo booth wizards – they also own some of the coolest event items available!


(Photography: Samba Joy)


First there’s Dazel, a vintage trailer that has been made up into a photo booth! How cool is that!

We love Dazel so much and think she’s absolutely perfect for joining the fun for outdoor weddings and celebrations. You know it’s going to be a good time when Dazel rolls up to the party! Here she is at her first wedding ever for our clients, Lisa and Jaime. She looked perfect nestled in the trees on Lisa’s grandmother’s beautiful property!


(Top Left: Samba Joy Photography / Top Centre, Right, Bottom Left: Jessika Hunter for The Whistler Wedding Collective)

Then there’s the Bubble Bus Co. which really is the best thing to come to the Vancouver Island event world… ever.

The Bubble Bus Co. is based on a simple idea: get great drinks in guests hands fast and do it with style. The Bubble Bus itself is the cutest little tap truck you’ll ever meet and the best part is that you can put anything on tap that you want – kombucha, wine, Prosecco, draft beer, cold brew coffee, kegged cocktails – the list is endless!

As if this wasn’t already the best thing ever, The Bubble Bus even has a photo booth on the back for Boomerangs! Seriously. All. The. Fun. 

If four taps is too many, The Bubble Bus Co. now also offers the world’s cutest tap carts so you can have one or two of your favourite beverages on tap for your event!


(Top Row Left: Jesse Holland Photography / Top Row Centre: Samba Joy / Top Row Right: Jesse Holland Photography / Centre Row Left + Right: Rivkah Photography / Centre Row Right: Jesse Holland Photography / Bottom Row: Jesse Holland Photography)


Having an outdoor wedding and want to keep your guests occupied with a little healthy competition? You can event rent lawn games from Four Frames!


(Left + Centre: Samba Joy Photography / Right: Jesse Holland Photography)

When we have an event and know that Derek, Lindsay, and their team will be there, we KNOW it’s going to be a good time and the guests are in good hands. Time and time again we’ve had clients and couples ask, what’s the must-have for their celebration and every single time we recommend adding a fun factor – and Four Frames and The Bubble Bus Co. bring that fun factor every single time. 


(Photography: Jesse Holland Photography)


We love you guys!
Thank you for all the fun so far – we can’t wait for all the fun to come!