Vendor Love: Victoria Party Rentals

By Sarah Gray

Victoria Party Rentals is celebrating their sixth anniversary this week and we wanted to say a big CONGRATULATIONS and tell everyone why we love working with Darren and his team of event pros! We have collbaroated with Victoria Party Rentals from day one and figured it was about time that we write an entire blog post to highlight this wonderful company!

VPR is where we go when we need the essentials for wedding and event day. They have everything from glassware to tables, chairs, linens, tents and even pink flamingos – they have something for every event! Beyond their fantastic inventory the VPR team is awesome to work with and we love to see their truck pull up at our events.

To some it might be obvious why as Wedding and Event Planners we rely heavily on companies such as Victoria Party Rentals. For others perhaps not so much! And honestly, that’s not your fault! If you’ve always been a guest and never the host then you haven’t had to consider where everything came from. Some venues provide basics like tables, chairs, linens, tableware and glassware. Others are simply a venue and supply nothing beyond the phyiscal space/room. Have you ever attended a wedding in a field or at a private property? Trust us, your friend does not own 250 water glasses and enough cutlery for a five course dinner and that’s where Victoria Party Rentals comes in! Because well… they do own enough water glasses and cutlery for everyone you invited!

When it comes to ensuring all of the foundational rental equipment and items are on site we will work with VPR to ensure we’ve got everything we need. Again, sometimes this is just extra glasses because the venue doesn’t have enough and other times they literally create a venue with their inventory. Often working with other rental companies on the island, vendors come together to create a space that is both functional and pretty for our clients. On event day when The Good Party team sees the VPR truck pull up we know the show can truly get started!


Kellie and Jesse’s industrial chic wedding reception

Captured beautifully by Kyle Joinson, Kellie and Jesse chose mixed seating for their chic industrial reception. Victoria Party Rentals provided both the round and exposed wooden harvest tables as well as seating and glassware. If you want to make a statement at your reception, we love a good mixed seating set up!

(Photo Credits: Kyle Joinson Photography)


Krystal and Wyatt’s bright and colourful wedding reception

When we rent glassware for receptions and events Victoria Party Rentals hand delivers (using a trolley)! All of the glassware and cutlery seen below at this colourful Esquimalt and Gorge Park Pavillion reception was rented from VPR and we think it looks simply perfect!

(Photo Credits: Emma Rossum Photography)

A few more because we can’t resist…

As we’ve mentioned we often utilize Victoria Party Rentals for the foundational pieces that allow the party to happen. Our professional photographers don’t often take photos of coffee urns (for that late night energy boost) or other rentals we so rely on. However, we do have a few more beautiful photos below to show you tables, chairs and glassware in action and looking pretty! The white chairs below can be found here, wooden harvest chairs can be found here, and the glassware is here

(Photo Credits: Tegan McMartin, Mason Neufeld Photography, Vanessa Lust Photography)

Celebrating in style!

As mentioned above, this week is Victoria Party Rentals sixth anniversary and Darren, wife Alicia and their son Isaac are celebrating in style! Next week they are adding two brand new tents to their already extensive inventory! The tents will both be clear top event tents and available with or without clear side panels. The first tent will be 40′ x 60′ and the second will be 30′ x 50′. Our team is super excited to have a few more tent options in town and are especially thrilled that they will be clear tops as we love this style for our clients.

Another new addition to the VPR inventory that we are so excited about is their gorgeous white bar! We love a good statement piece and what better place to put it than where the drinks are being served? We just know that this rental will soon be hard to reserve due to it’s popularity!

Unfortunately we don’t have any photos of the clear top tents but we do have on good authority that Darren will be taking photos asap once they arrive! In the meantime you can see the brand new white bar below!


Victoria Party Rentals – we love you! We love that you have an inventory that is everything we need and sometimes more than we could imagine on our own! We always look forward to collaborating on events and figuring out all the logistics together. We are so excited about working another wedding season with you by our side and for all the events to come. Happy Anniversary and congratulations on six wonderful years in business!


To view the entire inventory and to inquire about rentals for your next event visit:



Here’s that pink flamingo we just know you all wanted to see: