Who’s that Gal: Anouk Fitzner

By Marley Poniedzielnik

Meet Anouk Fitzner – Lead Planner. You know those people who are always prepared for every outcome? The ones you want by your side in case of a natural disaster or a Zombie apocalypse? Yeah, Anouk is one of those people you want – and she is literally prepared for anything. An expert problem solver with a positive spirit, Anouk is a true gem. ?


Find out a little bit more about her below!


How long have you been a wedding planner?

5 years

What’s your must have for wedding days? 

Every type of adhesive you can think of!  There’s always something to hang, tape, pin or sew.  I once used Gorilla Tape to stick a dress to a bride’s skin because nothing else worked.  Don’t worry, she was totally cool with it.  

Favourite wedding moment to date? 

The look on the faces of the newlyweds as they walk down the aisle after the ceremony – they are so happy and look like they have won the lottery!  I’ve dubbed this #thelotterylook.

(photo credits: KGoodPhoto / Sabrina Patrice / Jesse Holland Photography)

What’s #1 on your wedding planner wish list? 

My dream wedding to plan would be a full weekend affair with all the bells and whistles – welcome activities for all the guests followed by a welcome reception, the full wedding day festivities, and a farewell brunch the following day.  Imagine the best family reunion you could think of, with all your favorite people in one place, celebrating you for the weekend, while doing all of your favorite things. Looks pretty good, right?

Favorite country you’ve travelled to?  

My answer would be Turkey, because it was just the most surprising in terms of how much I liked it and the people were especially hospitable there.  There were so many different landscapes and beautiful things to see that I never even knew existed before we got there. 

We will be BFFs if:

You need someone to bring some organization into your wedding/spice cupboard/bank account/life.  I am the Queen of spreadsheets. Color coordinate your closet? I am your girl. Paint your house?  I love a good before and after. Break a wedding budget down to the penny? I gotchu.


  • You think all food is made better with cheese.
  • You love trying new and different things.
  • Popcorn is your oxygen.  (also made better with nutritional yeast – it tastes like cheese!)
  • You like Dutch people with large families, aka: me.
  • You love to travel – we can talk about our adventures together!  Next dream location for me is Morocco or South Africa. Or Peru. Or Vietnam.  Or a road-trip around America in a van. You get the idea…

(photo credits: Element Photo Co / Sabrina Patrice / Jesse Hollad Photography /
Molly Jane Photo / Jesse Holland Photography)

Favourite Victoria Photo – Op: 

Ali Baba pizza on Mount Doug at Sunset.  Just ask everyone I know, who I have dragged up there multiple times for exactly that.  

Favourite local brew: 

Unsworth Charme De L’ile ….drool…

Favourite outside of work pastime: 

Spending time with friends on any activity such as hiking, watching a movie, playing board games, going out for a glass of wine.  Okay, I sound boring but I swear I am real fun! Also, yoga.

Cats or dogs? 

Dogs, of course.  Duh.

Anouk Fitzner dog collage

Anouk will always have your back in any situation, she has a great eye for design, and she knows how to place table settings with royalty-like precision. She can do it all!

(photo credits: Sabrina Patrice)