Who’s that Gal: Camille Johns

By Marley Poniedzielnik

Meet Camille Johns – Lead Planner. She’s crafty, ambitious, and has been known to bust a move or two on the dance floor! This pom pom fanatic and confetti cannon junkie knows exactly how to make an event pop! ?


Find out why we love her below!


How long have you been a wedding planner? 

I’ve been working for The Good Party for four years and as a coordinator and lead planner for two seasons.

What is your must have for wedding days? 

 A veggie sandwich from Red Barn, of course! Oh, and maybe a kombucha 🙂

Favourite wedding moment so far?

My favourite wedding moment to date is when Carley, another planner on the team, taught one of our grooms, Dan, how to saber a champagne bottle. About forty-five attempts later he had finally fired the cork into the woods, and the cheers from the crowd could be heard all across St. Mary’s Lake on Saltspring Island. ?

What is #1 on your wedding planner wish list?

I think I’d have to say a ’tinsel town’ wedding – aka rainbow, shiny tinsel streamers everywhere!!

As we mentioned before, Camille is VERY crafty and has a great eye for design. We want to know, what was the favourite thing you’ve crafted? 

A whopping six hundred pom poms for a “West Coast Fiesta” themed wedding at The Fort Common. A few fun facts about the little colourful balls of yarn are that they’ve made a few special appearances at our events, and they’re world travellers – having been packed in my suitcase to both Palm Springs and Hawaii!  

(photo credits: Kyle Joinson Photography)

Favourite Victoria Photo – Op:

Mystic Beach

Favourite local brew:

Cultured Kombucha

Favourite outside of work pastime:


Cats or dogs?


(photo credits: The Godards / Eternal Reflections / Dragonflight Photography /
The Godards / Whistler Wedding Collective (Jessika Hunter) /  Fragment of Light)

Camille brings the perfect mix of calm, joy, and fun to every wedding and event she is involved with and our clients love having her as part of their best day ever!