Who’s that Gal: Carley Wachtin

By Marley Poniedzielnik

Meet Carley Wachtin – Lead Planner. Carley is a lead planner and an all around sweetheart! She rocks the party skirt with purpose and professionalism, and we are so thankful she’s part of our squad. From set-up to tear down, Carley brings a smile and friendly energy to every event she leads ?


Check out our Q & A with Carley below:


How long have you been a wedding planner? 

I have been a Coordinator with The Good Party for two years and now I am working as a Lead Planner. 

What is your must have for wedding days? 

Snacks (lol)

Clipboard (Timeline is life!)

Lists on lists on lists – especially when they are all checked off!

Favourite wedding moment so far?

Last year on Galiano, it was pouring rain all morning but right before the ceremony, the sun broke out to expose the most beautiful view! It felt so meant to be. I also love personal vows! I cry every time!

Fun fact: Most of our team members are proud members of the “I cry at work” club. 

(photo credits: Shari + Mike)

What is #1 on your wedding planner wish list?

Speaking of Gulf Island weddings, I would love to plan a Gulf Island wedding. It’s long days, more logistics, but the most fun! I’ve had the best experience on every one I’ve assisted on and it would be really fun to take the lead! 

(photo credits: Eternal Reflections)

Carley is a big fan of love songs – we asked her the toughest question of all: If you were a Taylor Swift song, which one would you be?

This is really hard but if I have to pick one purely based on the title, I would have to say Best Day. Why I love doing weddings so much is because it’s such an honour to be a part of the “best day” for people and making their vision a reality! 

We will be BFF if:

You are open to fun and unique ideas! I love to get creative and work with couples who just want a really “good party.” I love a good list and am here to keep you organized and on track. My personal style is quite classic with some west coast vibes but I love to really embrace whatever my couple’s vision might be! I totally get behind anything from bright colour schemes to something more traditional and classic. The day is all about the couple so I work to make it reflect what they’re all about! Want something that’s never been done before? Let’s do it! 

(photo credits: Sabrina Patrice / Dave Van Photography / Tom Beardmore / Sabrina Patrice)

Favourite Victoria Photo – Op:

Any place with an amazing view. Ex: top of Mt. Work, Shawnigan Trestle, King George Terrace, or the View 

Favourite local brew:

That’s a hard question as we have so many amazing breweries on the island! I would say probably Hoyne. The Vienna Lager in particular! 

Favourite outside of work pastime:

Exploring new places whether that be hopping on a flight to a new destination or finding a new hike on the island! Also slightly obsessed with spin classes!

Cats or dogs?:


Fun fact: Carley’s dream dog is a Pomski (half Pomeranian, half Husky!)

We are so happy to have Carley on our team, and she can serenade us with Taylor Swift any day!