Who’s That Gal: Casey Cathcart

By Marley Poniedzielnik


Meet Casey, one of our amazing event coordinators! Casey is one of those special, magical unicorn type people. She is bubbly, ready to make friends with anyone (or any dog!), and is willing to help in whatever way possible, even if it’s slightly dangerous! She has enough energy and sparkle to fill an entire ballroom and this past summer she was Lead Planner Dakota’s not so secret wedding day weapon.

Get to know Casey a little bit more below:

(Photo credits: Tegan McMartin – centre / Kelly Brown – right)

Favourite wedding moment of the season?

I’m obsessed with this job. Every day is a new couple, new venue, new colours and vendors. My favourite moment is walking into our spot for the day, seeing Dakota standing there telling me “Welcome to Wonderland”.

(photo credit: Four Frames Photo Booth for Shine Fashion Tea)

Go to wedding day snacks?

Dakota always brings Cobbs Bread treats and that’s literally what will get me through the day. Besides a sneaky bag of sour jubejubes.

wedding planner

(Photo credit: Megan Hemstra)

Favourite fictional couple: 

Hands down 100% Rayna and Deacon from Nashville, all the country feels.

Favourite Wedding Blooper: 

As you can imagine a lot of things don’t always go as planned on wedding day, one of my favourite’s was riding in the back of Emma’s truck, driving uphill at Hatley Castle, tailgate down, sitting on an a ceremony arch, surrounded by table decor all while still in my party skirt. We had to transfer the arch up to the reception somehow!

Also, Dakota and I once showed up to Bear Mountain two hours before the ceremony only to find out our groom had to race to find a dentist open at 8:30am on a Saturday morning because he chipped his tooth on bacon… Never. A. Dull. Moment.


Favourite wedding dessert: 

While I’ll never turn down a dessert, my heart flutters when Schur To Please brings out the cake pops.


Favourite outside of work pastime: 

There’s no secret I’m obsessed with my dog, Bubba. So if I’m not enjoying a hike or a girl’s date night, you can catch me cuddling him.


Any secret hidden talents? 

Someone may say it’s not so much a secret but I can nap anywhere, anytime in any position. I love a good nap.


This or That:

Coffee or tea? TEA

Cats or dogs? DOGS

Lake or ocean? OCEAN. Now I’ll never swim in it but it’s my favourite place on earth

Books or movies? Books

Night in or Night out? Ooooh tough! Night in.


(Photo credits: Sabrina Patrice)

We love Casey and her passion for people, weddings, and everything in between!  Lucky for us, Casey is back for the 2020 wedding season and our team, on-site snack selection, and hearts are all the better for it.