Who’s That Gal: Chloe Pasemko

By Marley Poniedzielnik


Meet Chloe! Chloe came to us this summer from the Hospitality Management program at Camosun College. She’s feisty, fun, and always on the go. She had a busy summer with The Good Party learning the ropes of coordinating events during a pandemic as well as spearheading our little balloon garland side hustle!

(Photography: Dragonflight Photography)

When we first met with her, we had about 60 weddings ready to go for the summer of 2020! It was going to an action packed summer with lots to do and lots to learn! Then of course, a global pandemic changed our plans a little! How were we supposed to show a student the events industry if we didn’t have events! Luckily with some creative thinking, we were able to come up with some amazing projects for Chloe. Balloons galore, community pop-ups, and smaller, intimate weddings filled her summer and pretty sure she had the best summer of her life!

We asked her a few questions below about her time with us, get all the details below!

(Photography: Dragonflight Photography)

Was your summer co-op as you had imagined it? How was it different?

My summer co-op ended up nothing like we had imagined it! I was offered a spot on TGP team when I met Emma and Marley in September of last year. I spent the following months dreaming about all the weddings I would be a part of during the most perfect summer. Fast forward to the real thing, mid pandemic. I was still lucky enough to be a part of multiple beautiful and intimate weddings that let me experience the process in a slower and more present way.

(Photography: Top center – Chelsea Warren || Bottom – Dragonflight Photography & Jesse Holland)

With the postponement of so many of our weddings I also had the opportunity to be a part of birthdays, anniversaries, beach projects, and a million balloon surprises. The co-op as a whole was very different than I had imagined it would be but still ended up being even better than I could have dreamed. I loved every single moment.

What was your favourite memory from this summer?

One of the weddings I was able to be a part of was Antheia and Jesse’s beautiful celebration at Bilston Creek Farm. It was one of the “bigger” weddings I did this summer (which was still very micro!) At the end of the evening, Dakota, Casey, and I stopped in for a moment on the dance floor, and it was so much fun. I remember thinking to myself, “Wow. I really get to spend my summer witnessing the best days of peoples lives, AND I get to do it beside these powerhouse women?” This is just one of many moments where I stepped back to soak up just how amazing my coworkers are. These women throw a good party, look good doing it, and are genuinely good people.

What was your favourite task during your co-op?

My favourite task was, of course, the balloon wall! I love colour almost as much as I love organization so this was the perfect task for me. It ended up looking pretty amazing if I do say so myself, and it feels really special to me to be able to leave a little part of myself at the studio. Although it was my project I couldn’t have done it without Emma’s guidance and encouragement, so thank you Emma for replying to all 500 texts I sent about shades of pinks. You rock.

(Photography: Dragonflight Photography) 

What was your favourite event blooper?

My favourite blooper is actually not a blooper at all, it’s something we do on purpose, multiple times a week. But I can imagine it being played during the bloopers reel on The Good Party TV show one day. During my summer co-op we made a lot. of. balloons. Imagine what you think a lot of balloons is, and then times it by 100. We have the finger blisters to prove it!
When we blew up all these balloons for these very special surprises we then needed a way to get them from point A to B. This is where the duvet cover comes in. Emma, Marley, and I would stuff hundreds of balloons into a duvet cover, put it in the box of Emma’s truck, strap it down, and head on our way to our destination. There we would be with a gigantic balloon pile in the back of her truck, the looks we got as we drove up the windy roads of Bear Mountain were hilarious. Meanwhile we were hanging out, listening to tunes, and periodically saying “they still good back there?”

What was the most unexpected part of your co-op?

The most unexpected part of my co-op was 100% the relationships I made. Starting a new job is scary, and knowing you’re starting a job where you’ll only be staying for 3 months can make you feel like you just might not get to know anyone. That is the opposite of what happened to me. The 12 person team at The Good Party welcomed me in like they had known me for years already. The friendors we work with so often did the same. This co-op ended up feeling like home to me and that is something I am so grateful for. I knew that the events industry people would be fun, but I never expected them to be as amazing, supportive, and FUN as they actually are. They’re the best.

(Photography: Top Right – The Toths || Bottom Left + Centre – Chelsea Warren || Bottom Right – Sabrina Patrice )

Favourite balloon garland colour combination:

We’ve made a lot of colour combinations but my favourite is still white, clear, and a pop of colour. It’s just so classic and clean but still so fun!

(Photography: Chelsea Warren)

Thank you for spending your summer with us Chloe! You were a total rockstar, got your hands dirty (literally!), and hopefully learned a lot! Good luck this semester!