Who’s that Gal: Dakota Bateman

By Marley Poniedzielnik

Meet Dakota Bateman – Lead Planner. She’s sassy, sweet, and always smiling. Her energy is the kind you want floating around getting sh*t done while you enjoy the epic party she put together. Our couples love working with Dakota and our team wouldn’t be the same without her – she’s a hit maker around here. ?


Get to know Dakota below!


How long have you been a wedding planner? 

I’ve been unofficially event planning for eight years, but officially been planning, and with The Good Party, for two years! 

What is your must have for wedding days? 

Tool kit, fanny pack, snacks, and Casey. 

Fun fact: This is Casey (aka Dakota’s right hand on wedding days) and she somehow knows what Dakota is looking for before she’s even saying it (and probably before she’s even thinking it!). 

(Photo credits: Meghan Hemstra (centre) / Dragonflight Photography)

Favourite wedding moment so far?

TOO MANY TO COUNT! But two that come to mind immediately are:

#1. The most epic, surprise, choreographed father/daughter dance at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel. It would have put Dancing With The Stars to shame. Even the bride’s mom was surprised, it was my best kept secret of the year! Also for that same wedding, we contacted the Bride’s favourite radio station and got her favourite DJ to create a playlist for their reception in the ballroom. He even gave them a shout out on the radio congratulating them on their wedding day! 

 #2. My alternative was just this past September, watching my best friend give the most amazing, heartfelt Maid of Honour speech. Not a dry eye in the house and it was super meaningful – from funny to heartfelt to embarrassing – she did it all! Everyone was loving the jokes and the fun that she was projecting. It was the best maid of honour speech I have ever heard. 

(Photo credits: Jessika Hunter for Whistler Wedding Collective / Olivia Ann Photography / Eternal Reflections /
Tegan McMartin / Meghan Hemstra)

What is #1 on your wedding planner wish list?

A yacht wedding for sure! Or maybe a big, colourful celebration! I just love working with people from all over the world, and all walks of life, so really, I am open to anything! 

Favourite Victoria Photo-Op:

Mount Tolmie, Fort Common, The Empress 

Favourite local brew:

Discovery Coffee or Sparkmouth Ginger Ale (Phillips brewery) 

Favourite outside of work pastime:

Hiking with my husband + our pooch / being ANYWHERE that is hotter than Victoria. 

(Photo credits: Melissa Styba Photography)

Cats or dogs?

BOTH!!! but definitely a dog person since day one. 

Dakota is a very passionate animal lover – she has a dog, named Hank, and a kitten, named Piper, and loves nature. As many of our couples also have fur babies, what would be your favourite local dog walking trail? 

Albert Head Lagoon, in Metchosin, along the beach – it’s stunning! 

(Photo credits: Dragonflight Photography)

Dakota is always available for a quick call or text. She is fun, outgoing, bubbly, and loves to make the planning process as fun and exciting as possible. Dakota really does love helping in any way, shape, or form – and bonus for us, this firecracker lives 4 minutes away from the studio!