Who’s that Gal: Emma McCormick

By Marley Poniedzielnik

Meet Emma McCormick – Owner & Lead Planner. Emma is our fearless leader, and the reason we are all here today! With her own touch and style, Emma always gets the job done with confidence and a smile on her face. Whether it’s for a couple, client, or fellow planner, she is always ready to jump in wherever she’s needed and lend a hand. If The Good Party had a Queen, she’d be ours. 


Get to know Emma below: 


How long have you been a wedding planner?

I’d say, casually 7 years, but officially more like 4.5.


What’s your must have for wedding days?

Party skirt and at least 3 different pairs of shoes. 

(Photo credits: Julia Marie Loglisci / Four Frames Photo Booth / Pebble + Pine Photography /
Centric Photography / Ameris / Swept Away Photography /

Favourite wedding moment to date?

A few years ago a bunch of local wedding vendors came on board to surprise a couple with a magical Christmas Eve wedding. It was pretty spectacular to witness such a large community of vendors come together for this incredible couple.

Check out the feature on local news station CTV.

What’s #1 on your wedding planner wish list?

I’d like to do a wedding infused with motorcycles. Bride arrives by bike. Couple leaves on a bike. Maybe a mid afternoon group ride. Edgy, colourful, and lots of leather!


If you couldn’t already tell from the above answer, Emma is a motorcycle lover. As if she couldn’t get any cooler!

We will be BFFs if: 

You are a relaxed duo who values how your wedding day is experienced not only by the two of you but also by your guests. The most important details for you will likely be great food, delicious cocktails, and a wicked dance party (insert disco ball emoji here haha). You love the look of the pretty details and gorgeous florals, but really, when it comes down to decision making time, you are going to choose the photobooth, the ice cream sundae station, and the never-ending champagne truck every single time. Also, if you like dogs and wine, that always helps. 

As I absolutely love weddings and events that challenge my creative mind, relational skills, and problem solving abilities. I am always on the lookout for future BFFs who have picked a venue that’s going to be a challenge; whether it’s a forest, a mountain top, or a back garden. I love a good tenting challenge and clients who come to us wanting to do something that I’ve never done before really gives me an opportunity to flex my planning muscles (which are mostly my fingers, guys… event planner = professional email writer). 

(Photo credits: Sarah Reynolds / Justine Boulin / Lilly Ann Photography
Taylor Roades / Ameris / Masika May Photography)

Favourite Victoria Photo – Op:

The colourful wall at Hotel Zed! 

Hotel Zed Victoria wall mural

Favourite local beverage:

Lost Inhibitions Red Blend from Church + State on the Saanich Peninsula or the delicious bubbles of the Charme De L’Ile from Unsworth Vineyards in Cobble Hill. 


Favourite outside of work pastime:

Mexico night at home (spicy margarita on the rocks with homemade tacos and the heat cranked all the way up!) or a sunny afternoon motorcycle ride to a winery or pub north of the Malahat!


Cats or dogs?

Dogs (particularly ones named after water fowl). 

(Photo credits: Jesse Holland / Sarah Reynolds – centre + right)

Emma started this company over 4 years ago, and we (The Good Party team!) are all so thankful to be doing it right alongside her!