Who’s that Gal: Grace Harvey

By Sarah Gray

Meet Grace: She grew up in London, she grew up in Spain, we think she’s amazing – here, let us explain! When Grace starts dancing, you start dancing. When Grace laughs, you can’t help but laugh along. When Grace posts on IG about a fancy dinner she ate, you go eat a fancy dinner. She’s a trend setter and we are here for it all! Grace joined The Good Party in 2022 with a resume full of experience in the event industry and we couldn’t be happier to have her on the team!


Get to know Grace a bit better below:

(Photo credits: Dragonflight Photography / Kea Mowat Photography / Chelsea Warren Photography )


When asked about her personal approach to wedding planning Grace explained that her ultimate goal is to help create joyful experiences. She likes to nail down every little detail while planning and ensure that her clients overall vision is both met and exceeded.


What’s your favorite memory from this past season? Maddy and Cory’s vows were a highlight for sure. Their wedding party and some guests were asked to write them and then Maddy and Cory read them for the first time during the ceremony! Oh, and their dance party!

What’s your go-to wedding day snack? Donuts from Empire

What are your must have items on wedding day?  Donuts (anyone else see that coming?!), tasty beverages, tide sticks, zip ties, sunscreen and bug spray!

Wedding planner wish list: I’d love to do some gulf island weddings, a beach wedding, winter mountain wedding (manifesting Whistler!) and a destination wedding outside of Canada

(Photo credits: Kea Mowat Photography / Jon Mark Photo / Chelsea Warren Photography)

Favorite wedding day dessert or late night snack: Bilston Creek’s mac and cheese and donuts of course

Best place for wedding photos in Victoria (or surrounding area)? Bilston Creek Farm, outside the Royal Theatre, Bastion Square wall when its green, the inner harbour and Legislature buildings, the Fairmont Empress, Goldstream Provincial Park, and East Sooke Regional Park

What are some of the things you enjoy doing when you aren’t working? Traveling, yoga, going for brunch, finding bakeries


(Photo credits: C. McKenzie Photography / Chelsea Warren Photography)

Plan the ultimate day for someone visiting Victoria:

-Begin your day with brunch at Bear and Joey
-Stroll around the Abkhazi Gardens and enjoy high tea or enjoy High Tea at the Fairmont Empress
-Enjoy a spa treatment at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel
-Stop by Citrus and Cane for a pre dinner cocktail
-End the day at Wind Cries Mary for a delicious dinner

(If you spend the weekend make sure you visit a winery or cidery!)

(Photo credits: Tegan McMartin Photography / Dragonflight Photography / Ethos Imagery)

This or That:

Books or movies? Movies

Cats or dogs? Dogs but I love cats too

Lake or ocean? Ocean

Night in or night out? Night out because I love finding new restaurants to eat at

(Photo credits: Molly Jane Photography)


Grace we think you are an incredible part of the Good Party team! You’re so sweet, fashionable, funny and you keep track of all the details on wedding day!