Who’s that Gal: Jules Campbell

By Sarah Gray


Meet Jules: With a certificate in Event Management, a diploma in Hospitality Management, a BA in Global Tourism Management and 7 years in the event industry, Jules brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to The Good Party team! Plus, she is so fun to be around, loves logistics and design equally and says that when push comes to shove she prefers small intimate weddings. She took on 14 weddings in her first season with us and absolutely knocked it out of the park.


Read on and get to know Jules better!

(Photo credits: Dragonflight Photography )

What is a favorite memory from this past season?

I never could have imagined that I would take on 14 weddings in my first season with The Good Party! I got to work with so many wonderful couples and spend time at so many gorgeous venues. My favorite moment from this past season was definitely after my last wedding when I looked back at all the photos I’d taken and was able to reflect on an amazing season.

What’s your go-to wedding day snack?

My go-to wedding day snack is usually popcorn but, more often than not, it is any snack that Ruby brings to make sure that I actually take time to eat on wedding days! (PSA: Ruby brings the best snacks!)

(Photo credits: Kyle Joinson Photography / Fourframes Photo Booth )

Must haves on wedding day?

Lots of water, multiple pens because I always lose mine, and a great team!

Wedding planner wish list:

My dream wedding to plan would be on a boat. Talk about vows with a view! Imagine: a sunset ceremony, the most picturesque photos, and a unique wedding your guests will never forget.


(Photo credits: Fourframes Photo Booth)

Describe the best meal you’ve had at a TGP wedding:

If you haven’t been to Bodega Ridge on Galiano Island, you’re seriously missing out! Their catering team and chefs are amazing and create the most delicious dishes (a special shoutout to their paella!). We are so spoiled every single time we’re there!

Best place for wedding photos in Victoria?

Sheringham Point Lighthouse, Mystic Beach, East Sooke Park, or The Fairmont Empress.

Favorite outside of work pastime?

Some might say I’m crazy (and many have lol) but my favourite outside of work pastime is definitely a 5:30am spin class. A good hike with scenic views is also a close second.

Your favorite fictional couple:

Monica & Chandler 

We would be best friends if: 

You are willing to try something a little different or unexpected. I’m always down to open a bottle of bubbly and scroll through Pinterest for hours to find fun, unique inspo pics. I love weddings that are not always done in the traditional sense (a brunch wedding anyone?). As any BFF should, I’m here to be part of your support team – your cheerleader, your shoulder to cry on, and your biggest fan. 

Also, if you want to figure out a creative way to incorporate your pets into your wedding day, I’m your girl.

(Speaking of pets, Jules has three of the most adorable cats: Mini, Max, and Maude)

(Photo credits: Fourframes Photo Booth)

This or That:

Books or movies? Books, for sure – mainly because I’m notorious for falling asleep during movies, so I never get to finish them.

Cats or dogs? Definitely cats!

Lake or ocean? Ocean – I was born and raised in Victoria so I’ve been spoiled being able to live by the ocean my whole life.

Coffee or tea? Both! But always coffee on wedding days.

(Photo credits: Billie Woods Photography)


And for the record Jules, you are not crazy – we would gladly join you for a 5:30am spin class. We just need a few days (weeks?) to mentally prepare. In the meantime, we are so excited to see all the magic that you create for your clients this coming season!