Who’s that Gal: Kara Wilkinson

By Marley Poniedzielnik

Meet Kara, one of our Lead Planners! She’s adventurous, creative, and always waiting for you with a smile. Kara officially joined the gang in January of this year but it feels like she’s been around for so much longer. Kara’s incredible experience in the event and hospitality industry made her the perfect fit for our team when she decided to move back to Victoria full-time, after working in a remote fishing and adventure lodge for a number of seasons. We feel so lucky to have found her!

Fun fact: Kara is good friends with one of our past brides, Berkley, and was introduced to us by our social media gal, Danielle!

Get to know her a little bit better below:

(Photo credits: Dragonflight Photography)

What’s your must-have for wedding day: 
My fanny pack! My little hands free pack is always filled with pens, kleenex, bandaids (wedding blisters are a real thing!), and of course snacks. Can’t get through a day, wedding or not, without snacks.

We will be BFF if: 
You’re easy going, open to getting creative, and love food! I’m a huge foodie so if you are too we’ll have lots to talk and get excited about 🙂

Wedding planner wish list:
A backyard, west coast celebration. Fun, relaxed, and magical all at the same time.

(Photo credits: Four Frames / Kim Jay Photography / Four Frames)

Favourite Victoria Photo – Op:
Somewhere industrial (like the Vic West Roadhouse), a sandy beach, or a luscious green forest.

Favourite local brew:
Hoyne Dark Matter.

Favourite wedding dessert: 
Charcuterie! I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but cheese and meat I will never say no to.

Favourite outside of work pastime: 
Hiking, sunny day patio hopping, and traveling.

(Photo credits: Sabrina Patrice)
This or That:

Coffee or tea? TEA
Cats or dogs? BOTH (but I’ll get a dog before a cat)
Lake or ocean? OCEAN (connects you to different parts of the world)
Books or movies? Hmmm… Can I choose crime tv series instead?
Night in or night out? NIGHT IN

We are beyond thrilled to have Kara as part of our team and can’t wait to see the magic she creates this summer!