Who’s that Gal: Kelly Duke

By Sarah Gray


Meet Kelly: Our Australian Queen. Kelly is one of our Lead Planners and we absolutely love having her on the TGP team! She is talented in so many ways (including but not limited to being a professional pastry chef!!) and can talk with you about reality tv for hours. Kelly is hardworking, detail oriented and loves love. On site she works until the job is done and always makes sure her teammates are laughing along the way. Kelly is also the inventor of a cocktail table set up we have affectionately dubbed “the double mingler” (trademark pending). We love Kelly and we just know you will love working with her again this season!


Read on to find out all the good things about our gal Kelly:

What was a highlight from last summer for you?

Oh my goodness, so many! First off, The Good Party gals are just so much fun to work with and we have the best time at a wedding watching guests and couples celebrate. They are all pretty awesome and I honestly can’t single one moment out.

Your go to snack on wedding day?

Do water and caffeine count? (We say YES!)

(Professional photo credit:Hayley Alice Photo )

What do you enjoy most about your role as a Lead Coordinator?

I love helping couples bring their big day to life and getting to see the uniqueness that each couple brings to their wedding celebration. It’s always more fun to keep things exciting and new!

What are three qualities that make you the great planner that you are?

• My ability to stay calm under pressure (I am easy going and can make people feel comfortable)
• My semi-OCD personality means I will well and truly be organized and pay attention to ALL the details
• My background in hospitality and food (over 10 years of experience) allows me to help guide clients through the catering process

Speaking of Kellys experience with food… When Kelly isn’t busy working with clients or on site at one of our weddings she works as a pastry chef! This past week a few members of our team had the opportunity to sample some of Kelly’s work and we’ve got to say… it was simply delicious! 

(Professional photo credits: Jon Mark Photo)

Finish this sentence: We would be besties if….

You don’t take life too seriously and can have a laugh at yourself, life is short and we should enjoy it! If you like binge watching reality TV, even better!

When we asked Kelly what her dream event to plan would be, we got the sweetest answer:

I’ve already done it! I had the chance to help my sister-in-law plan her wedding. We did it in less than 2 months while she was completing chemotherapy. The planning process kept us very entertained and the wedding day was PERFECT and so full of love, emotion and cannot be topped. The planning process was a joyful distraction in the midst of something hard.

(Photo credits: Frank Wang Photography)

If you could only keep 3 items in your fanny pack on a wedding day what would they be?

Oh tricky, only three… Phone (obviously), something to nibble, scissors…scissors are always handy

When you aren’t at work where are you and what are you doing?

I love to try new restaurants and bakeries around town or go on a camping trip. Salt Spring Island is my favorite destination!

If you won the lottery tomorrow what would you do?

Like I don’t fantasize about this every other day…I would buy a home in Australia and Canada so that my husband and I could split our time between our two home countries and also…maybe a private island!

(Professional photo credits: Dragonflight Photography )

This or That:

Sweet or savoury? Savoury, as a pastry chef I have more than enough sweet in my day

Cats or dogs? Dogs!

Below Deck or The Bachelor(ette)? Below Deck (We hear she has a crush on Captain Jason)

Travel abroad or staycation? Abroad, nothing better than discovering a new country and new foods!

Kelly! We think you’re sweeter than all the pastries in the world! You’re a team player, a kind hearted friend and an all around boss babe. We love working alongside you, laughing with you and running wedding errands for you! Thank you for always showing up as your true self and for helping all your clients do the same.