Who’s that Gal: Kirsten Larsen

By Marley Poniedzielnik


Say hello to Kirsten! She came to us from the UVIC Peter B. Gustavson School of Business Co-Op program. Originally her Co-Op was designed to assist small businesses with an updated business plan to help us during COVID. She was our official COVID Pivot-er. She not only created a beautiful new business plan for us, she did so much more!


She’s our Christmas Queen, content creator extraordinaire, with an amazing eye for design. Even her resume was aesthetically pleasing! She was able to take our ideas and turn them into working, shareable documents that we were proud to show off. We all fell in love with Kirsten’s sweet, calming presence in the office, and we are never letting her leave!


Read more about Kirsten below!

(Photography by Dragonflight Photography)

Was your co-op as you had imagined it? How was it different?
I was unsure about how a co-op during a pandemic would play out, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I was so happy with how much I was still able to do and learn during my co-op placement even with ever-changing restrictions.

What was your favourite memory from this year? 
Chelsey & Pete’s wedding. I worked primarily on non-wedding related tasks, so it was really cool to see how everything came together and get a better look into what everyone on TGP team gets up to.

(Photography by Shari + Mike)

What was your favourite task during your co-op? 
I really enjoyed having the chance to put together social media posts and stories. The event industry has so much cool content to work with online, I felt really in my element putting it all together and pulling photos to post online.

Kirsten documented the year for us and she shot everything from birthday parties to balloon garlands, to everything Christmas and Halloween!

What was your favourite event blooper? 
The Bay Centre tree, a collaboration with Bespoke Blossoms, getting stuck in the elevator, such a frantic job to try to redo everything we had just put together after our transportation mishap, but the tree turned out looking so great.

(Photography by Kirsten!)

What was the most unexpected part of your co-op? 
How fun work can be. I had so much fun every day, I loved how many different things I was able to do, there wasn’t a single day that felt boring or repetitive.

Favourite content creation session: 
Taking all the Christmas photos of our installations around Victoria. All the installations were so festive and fun, I loved getting into the holiday spirit.

Dream content creation session: 
Anything holiday related!


Thank you so much for spending this crazy year with us Kirsten, we are so lucky to have you!