Who’s that Gal: Madison Paquette

By Sarah Gray


Meet Madi: Simply put, she’s marvelous and we love her! Madi has a degree from Vancouver Island University in Tourism Management and Marketing and loves to plan both weddings and corporate events! Not only does Madi work with her own portfolio of clients, she is also our Junior Executive Assistant which means she is as busy as a bee. If you give her a to do list ten feet long, she will finish the list, still make time to support team members, whip up some delicious pad thai for her friends, and take our office dog, Duck, for a walk. She has a kind heart, a fiercely creative mind, and we are excited for all the magic she will create this year!

(Professional photo credits: Hayley Alice Photography, Element Photo)

What was a highlight from last summer for you?

My favourite wedding memories continue to be the small moments of gratitude, joy and fun that I find during wedding days. Sometimes that’s fluffing a bride’s veil seconds before she walks down the aisle. Sometimes it’s squeezing my fellow planner’s hand during a heartfelt moment. Sometimes its jumping on the dance floor for the final song of the night!

Between the ceremony and reception you get a bit hungry, what do you grab to tide you over till dinner?

Pepperoni breadsticks! The ones with the cheese on top. That, or a hunk of Twizzler.


(Professional photo credit: Emma Rossum Photography)

What do you enjoy most about your role as a Lead Coordinator?

I love watching my client’s big ideas come to life, from a pin on Pinterest, to the BIG day! Supporting my clients in implementing their uniqueness, their vibe, their special moments together – that’s my bread and butter and what brings on the waterworks 🥲


Pop quiz! What are your top three strengths in the event planning industry:

1. I love getting to know my clients, which means clear and frequent communication from me!
2. I am a problem-solving-on-the-fly extraordinaire! When surprises pop-up, I get creative.
3. My ability to keep up the pep and zest throughout the day – catch me skipping by if I’m in a hurry!


(Professional photo credits: Four Frames Photobooth, Jon Mark Photo)

Finish this sentence: We would be besties if….

You’ll attend a poetry open mic, be my acro yoga partner, and/or share my unique love of specialty backpacks (I’m a gear nerd)!

Madi works with both wedding and corporate clients so we had to ask if she would rather host her dream event or wedding and she gave us the best answer:

It’s double-whammy: My dream event day would be to plan an International Tourism Conference by day, and host an intimate beach ceremony by night! Tofino? Hawaii? Any beach will do!

If you could only keep 3 items in your fanny pack on a wedding day what would they be?

Scissors, glue dots, and sunscreen!

A moment for “Christmas Madi”:

(Photo credits: Tegan McMartin Photography)

When you aren’t at work where are you and what are you doing?

Cooking pad thai for my best friends, or walking around Thetis Lake with our office dog Duck!

**Madi has yet to bring pad thai into the office for the team but we’re hoping it happens soon 🙂

If you you could travel anywhere tomorrow where would you go?

I would jump on a plane to South America and book a cruise to Antarctica. These are the only 2 continents I haven’t visited yet!

Plus, they BOTH have penguins!🐧🐧🐧

(Photo credits: Dragonflight Photography)

This or That:

Sweet or savoury? Both at the same time

Cats or dogs? Puppies. I will cross the street to pet a good boy or good girl

The Office or Parks and Rec? Michael Scott, forever.

Travel abroad or staycation? Backpacking abroad. It’s the hostel life for me!


As you can see Madi sounds pretty awesome on paper and all we can say is she’s even better in person! Madi, we love having you on the team! We are so thankful for all you do for us around the office, on site, and behind the scenes to make our client’s events so special and well organized. You handle stressful situations with poise and make everything more beautiful! Plus, you say some really profound things…

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky      – Michael Scott       – Madison Paquette