Who’s that Gal: Marley Poniedzielnik

By Marley Poniedzielnik


Oh, hi! I’m Marley, and you can find me behind the scenes of The Good Party! I’m usually who you meet when you come in for your initial consultation to talk about your wedding or celebration or maybe I’m writing blog posts or Instagram captions! I’m there on wedding day, I water the office plants, I give Duck and Goose some love – basically whatever The Good Party needs me to do, I’m there!

Get to know me below – but be prepared: I’m a typical Libra (very indecisive) and can’t even pick one answer for the questions I wrote!

(Photo credits: Centric Photography, Dragonflight Photography, Tegan McMartin Photography)

Favourite wedding moment of the season?

I was on site for about 20 weddings last season so it’s very hard to choose! Every wedding holds such a special memory. The one that stands out as the most unique was at Mairead and Anthony’s wedding, an Irish dancing Drag Queen came out and did an epic dance routine featuring Mairead in her wedding dress. Seriously, so fun!

Go to wedding day snacks: 

Water!! Gotta stay hydrated especially on hot, summer days! Also, bagels.

(Photo credits: Kim Jay Photography (left, centre) & Kyle Joinson (right)

Favourite fictional couple: 

Jim + Pam (The Office), Ben + Leslie (Parks and Recreation), Veronica + Logan (Veronica Mars), and Luke + Lorelai (Gilmore Girls)

(Photo credit: Sabrina Patrice)

Favourite Wedding Blooper: 

One time the cops showed up to tell us to turn it down because the DJ played “Baby Shark” too loudly and all of Pender Island could hear it.

(Photo credits: Four Frames Photo Booth)

Favourite wedding dessert: 

We had ice cream sandwiches at one, and I was on board 100%

Favourite outside of work pastime: 

Reading, watching TV whether it’s a new show or one I’ve seen a million times, and going for a walk while listening to my favourite true crime podcasts.

Any secret hidden talents? 

Knowing a lot of facts and quotes from TV/Movies. I can’t do math but I can tell you useless facts about shows you’ve never heard of!

This or That:

Coffee or tea? Lattes – all day, everyday

Cats or dogs? I don’t discriminate, but dogs.

Lake or ocean? Ocean – I’ll swim in December, I’m crazy

Books or movies? BOTH. But the book is always better than the movie

Night in or night out? Night in – an introverts dream

Girls in party skirts
(Photo credit: Jesse Holland Photography)

From Emma: Marley joined The Good Party in January of last year and it’s hard to remember life without her. Not only is she my right hand gal, but she’s got the back of everyone on the entire team. She knows what’s happening when, who is on site where, and the names of every single one of our client’s dogs! The Good Party wouldn’t be quite so good without Marley!