Who’s That Gal: Morgan Fraser

By Marley Poniedzielnik


Morgan is one of our event assistants and she hustles hard! She’s always willing to help out, has a super positive attitude, even when things get a little stressful (check out her favourite wedding moment for more details on that!). We love having Morgan on site with us during the summer and she brings that extra something special to every dance floor she hits!


Get to know her a little bit more below:


(Photo credits: Four Frames)

Favourite wedding moment of the season?

My favourite moment of the wedding season this year was when we flipped Victoria Public Market into a long table dinner for 200 in 1 hour! I am always amazed at how quick something can come together when we are all working together. The amount of gratitude from the bride and groom was the cherry on top when they saw the final product!

(Photo credits: Ameris)

Go to wedding day snacks?

My go to wedding snack is all the salted nuts and dark chocolate! Oh, and when we get Empress popcorn on site, that is always is a bonus!

Fun fact. We’ve had several Fairmont Empress clients include their incredible Truffle charcoal popcorn in their wedding day celebration. It’s always a HUGE hit with guests (and clearly our team, too!).


Favourite fictional couple? 

So cliche, but Derek and Meredith from Greys Anatomy. I could watch their love story over and over again.


Favourite wedding dessert?

My favourite wedding desert has to be donuts! It wasn’t until I tried Empire donuts that I fell in love… now I am seriously addicted!

(Photo credit: Kim Jay Photography)

Favourite outside of work pastime?

I love hosting people at my house! Being able to cook a meal for the people I care about most, enjoying a glass of cider and having good conversation..m nothing makes my heart happier! Sunday walks along Dallas Rd on a sunny afternoon are a close second.


Any secret hidden talents?

May or may not be able to do the worm…


This or That:

Coffee or tea? Can I choose both? I love iced tea, but coffee is a necessity pretty much every morning

Cats or dogs? Definitely dogs!

Lake or ocean? Nothing like a fresh water lake! Whistler ones are the best, even though they are freezing!

Books or movies? Movies! Must haves: cozy blanket, good snacks and big couch!

Night in or night out? Probably a night in! I love having a cozy evening but also love entertaining at my place!

Morgan came to us after a season as an Event Lead/Supervisor at Sea Cider and graduated from the same Hospitality Management Diploma program as our lead planner, Camille. We are so (sooo) glad she found us and we can’t wait to spend more time with Morgan this summer – she is such a shining star!