Who’s that Gal: Olivia Niewchas

By Sarah Gray


Meet Liv: She has a big heart, is super duper organized and is always willing to help out any team member. Plus, she always brings the most energy and will work hard till the last fork and votive are packed away at the end of the day. Liv joined The Good Party in August 2021 when she helped out at a Qualicum Beach wedding. She was an amazing addition to have on site that weekend, we loved working with her and are thrilled she decided to join the team!

(Photo credits: Fourframes Photo Booth, Dragonflight Photography, Tegan McMartin)

What was a highlight from last summer for you?

It would have to be assisting Chloe at Bilston, not only was it a beautiful wedding with beautiful people, but I always love helping bring my besties vision to life. 

You can only have one drink on wedding day, what is it?

An iced Vanilla Latte always!!! It pairs super well with a mini orange or two. 🍊🍊

A moment (or three) with Chloe:

(Photo credits: Fourframes Photo Booth, Kyle Joinson Photography)

What are you enjoying most about being a Lead Coordinator?

I am really enjoying building relationships with my clients and I am excited to be a larger part of making their big day come true! When working as an assistant we typically just meet the couple on the day of their wedding which is awesome but… I am really excited to be part of the entire process and I think it will make wedding days that much more special!

If you had to list out some of your strengths, what would you say they are?

– Very detail oriented

– Passionate about my work

– I really care about each couple that I get the pleasure to work with

– Always happy to chat about new thoughts and ideas that my clients have

– On wedding day I will always give 100% from start to finish

(Photo credits: Tegan McMartin, Billie Woods Photography, Chelsea Warren Photography)

Finish this sentence: We would be besties if….
… you love dogs and going for walks by the ocean 🙂


Do you have a “dream wedding” that you would like to plan?
My dream wedding isn’t really one specific wedding or event. I am excited to add a lot of  unique styles of weddings and new locations to my repotoire. I think being able to look back and have a list of completely different events that I have been involved in will be really cool and give me more ideas and inspiration for events I do in the future!


If you could only keep 3 items in your fanny pack on a wedding day what would they be?

Phone, glue strips, snacks.

When you aren’t at work where are you and what are you doing?

Anything outside, I’m always down for a game of spikeball, a hike with the dog or laying in the sun at the beach. 

If you won the lottery what would you buy first and why?

A hobby farm and I don’t care how unrealistic that is! Oh, and an oat fudge bar. 

This or That:

Books or movies?
I am now and will always be a movie girl. Is the book better? Probably. Will I ever read it? Not. A. Chance.

Cats or dogs?
I will never pass up an opportunity to pet a dog. Ever. I love them all.

Lake or ocean?
I’m a recently converted ocean girl! Six years on the island will do that to ya!

‘Liv, we think you’re just the best! You help keep the whole team (and office) organized and you are so fun to work alongside! From day 1 at The Good Party you have brought your A-game and we are so excited to have you on the team for another incredible wedding season!