Who’s that Gal: Ruby Su

By Sarah Gray


Meet Ruby: She’s the energizer bunny, she’s still smiling at the end of her shift (every. single. time.) and she always brings snacks for the whole team. Beyond that Ruby has a heart of gold, is hardworking with an eagle eye for details and is such an incredible part of the TGP team! With a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Marketing Major Ruby came to us with experience in team leading, hosting fundraising events and a passion to help other people celebrate lifes’ big moments. Ruby is a DIY queen, loves a good checklist and calls herself a “big excel nerd” which means she is in good company at TGP! We would be remiss to mention that Ruby is also a big fan of dogs! More specifically, she is a big fan of her pup, Ollie.


Read on to learn more about Ruby!

What do you enjoy most about being a Lead Coordinator?

I love building connections and getting to know my clients before their big day and then getting to be a part of their celebration! I also love hearing peoples’ love stories and the vision that they have for their wedding day. Turning those ideas into a dream reality is the next best part!

Do you have a dream event to organize?

Yes! The guest list would include all of my friendors (vendors who are friends) and all my other friends having a big party together! I am always telling my friends about how lucky I am to be working in the wedding industry which is full of such amazing people. Seeing everyone having a good time together and getting to meet would be my my dream event! Or maybe I am just manifesting my own wedding!! 😂

(Professional photo credits: Jon Mark Photography, Eva Cherneff Photography)


When you think back on the 2022 season do you have any top moments that stick out?

Absolutely 🙂 At Natalia and Michael’s wedding on Galiano Island I brought their puppy, Remy, out to listen to mom and dad’s thank you speech! Remy was such a good doggo!

(Photo credit: The Apartment Photography)


We were so busy eating all of the delicious treats Ruby brings on wedding day we didn’t realize her go to item is…

Not a snack, but coffee! I always bring lots of different snacks with me but the one thing I have to have is an iced americano!

The big scary question: If you could only keep 3 items in your fanny pack, what would they be?

This is very hard. I keep EVERYTHING in my fanny pack… I would say a pair of scissors, glue dots and pack of gum!

(Professional photo credits: Dragonflight Photography, Meghan Hemstra Photography, Jon Mark Photography)


What is your favorite outside of work pastime?

Hanging out with my dog, Ollie, having brunch by the beach with my partner, going to trivia nights with friends (not very good at it, but we have fun!) and playing Hogwarts Legacy.

If you won the lottery what would you buy first and why?

I would buy Ollie a doggo friend so he has a buddy to hang out with all the time!

This part of the blogpost is called “Ruby takes selfies with Sarah and Carley”:


This or That:

Savory or sweet? Always sweet UNLESS its spicy hot pot!

Dogs or cats? DOGS

Say Yes to the Dress or The Bachelor(ette)? Say Yes to the Dress

Travel abroad or staycation? Travel abroad! I gotta hit my goal of visiting all the Disneylands and Universal Studios parks!

Now that you know a bit more about Ruby you probably want to be friends! Lucky for you there is a really high chance you can be BFF’s! Below is her list of criteria. How many of them do you meet?

  1. You’re an animal lover
  2. You’ve watched any of the Harry Potter movies
  3. You like Marvel and Disney
  4.  You love food


Ruby! You are always willing to lend a hand, create a DIY masterpiece, set a table, organize vendors, work with clients to make things perfect and all the other things too! We love that you keep us laughing all day long and that you’re willing to stand in the pouring rain (with no rain protection) until the bride has made it down the aisle. You are committed to making sure every event goes off without a hitch and we think you’re pretty great.