Who’s that Gal: Sarah Gray

By Marley Poniedzielnik

Meet Sarah Gray – Lead Planner. When she’s not leading a camp full of teenagers, training to become a teacher, or creating gorgeous event florals with her company, Blooms & Co., we are lucky enough to have her on our team! ?


Get to know this wonderful woman below!


How long have you been an event planner? 

I organized my first fundraiser at the age of 14. Over the years, my passion for organizing has taken different forms such as decorating for friends’ weddings, working in fast-paced and creative jobs, youth programming and, most recently, in the creation of my floral business Blooms & Co. I first joined The Good Party as an on-site assistant and now am working with coordination, planning, and design clients as a Lead Planner!

(Photo credits: Kyle Joinson / Element Photography / Julia Loglisci / Sabrina Patrice)

What is your must have for wedding days? 

On wedding day my must have items are comfy shoes (nothing worse than blisters when you’re on your feet all day) and my fanny pack (which is full of other must haves)! 

Fun fact: Sarah once kept some dinner buns in her fanny pack – #goals 


Favourite wedding moment so far?

Wedding planning and logistics aside, my favourite part about wedding day is watching as the bride and groom are surrounded, supported, and loved by their family and friends – its a heart sparkling kinda time, all the time. Oh, and I love a good speech.

(Photo credits: Kyle Joinson)

What is #1 on your wedding planner wish list?

The first thing that comes to mind is planning an epic backyard, bohemian, West Coast wedding bash. The second thing that comes to mind is a wedding day surprise – I’m a sucker for a dance routine or maybe the bride rides in on a llama!

As we mentioned before Sarah is also very passionate about floral design and our team often calls upon her keen eye on wedding day. If Sarah was a flower, what flower would she be? 

If I were a flower, I would be a garden rose! 

(Photo credits: Blooms & Co.)

We will be BFF if:

If you want your wedding to be on a sailboat cruising through Desolation Sound, call me. I’ll pack the food and plan your I do’s.

If your dream wedding has an epic dance floor but none of your friends are good initiators – I’m your girl and I’m not afraid to haul your guests onto the floor with me!

If you want to incorporate biking, swimming, and running, or capture the flag into your themed bachelor/ette party then pass me the flagging tape and lets make it happen!

And maybe, you don’t want any of those things but what you’ve done is found the Jim to your Pam or the Kristen to your Dax and really, all I want to do is help you plan and then enjoy the best possible party!

(Seriously, couple goals.)

Favourite Victoria Photo – Op: 

I love both industrial and natural sites for photo ops so the brick walls and railyard at the Roundhouse in Esquimalt is a favourite place as well as any forest or beach!

Favourite local brew:

I love hot chocolate and always say “yes” to whip cream! It’s a silly question, everyone wants it. 

(so GOOD.)

Favourite outside of work pastime: 

When I’m not working or at school I love being creative! Sometimes this means working with textiles, painting, or baking and sometimes it means running a small floral design business! I also love being active and enjoyed several epic adventures this past summer including summiting Mt. Albert Edward and biking in the Sooke Foothills! 

Cats or dogs? 

I think the question should read: “Orangutan or horses?” In which case I would say BOTH!! And Humpback whales! And baby seals!

Sarah is so sweet, knows exactly what you need before you even need it, and is always willing to go the extra mile to help you!